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MGCAMD Installation Instructions

Mgcamd is not diffrent from cccam much.

To set it up your MGCAMD client correctly, Follow the steps below:

Go to addons of your image, you would see mgcamd there, download and install. From adddons, download mgcamd conf 1.0 plugin as well. After their downloading and installment are finished, connect to your dreambox through ftp and check if there is any file named “newcamd.list” under var/keys directory for enigma1, or /usr/keys directory for enigma2. İf you find one, you edit the file and paste your Nline that we would provide upon your purchase and save it. İf you do not find one, open up a notepad, and paste the lines in cline format that you know from cccam and save it as “newcamd.list” not .txt, and place it under var/keys.

To eas your job, there are mgcamd presentation videos available showing how to do on youtube, you could use them.

Use mgcamd 1.3.5, higher versions have problems with Skys. 1.3.5A is the most stable version.

Note: since the latest GP images and some other ones do not include the plugin urls to download in their addons section, if you do not want to troubled  with the manual  installation,the best and the most practical way to obtain MGCamd is to Google TS Panel and to install it. İt contains the index of almost of all plugins, you can download whatever you feel like to do.


HOW TO : use Mgcamd with CCcam and Newcs

This is some information about how to add C & N lines to mgcamd.

This particular post will refer to its use for the Azbox, but can be adopted to use with other receivers using Enigma and Enigma2.
The location of the files will depend on the image you use. In linux they will be in /var/keys or /usr/keys or something similar.
For the Azbox, all files will be found in the folder /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/mgcamd which makes things extremely simple and is why I selected that receiver.

There are 3 important files needed for sharing:


To allow mgcamd to share from both CCcam and Newcs, you must ensure that in the file mg_cfg, you edit the settings for the value of G: { x }

Settings are cumulative, you sum the values of the emus you want to connect to.. Have a quick look, but don’t dwell on it.

Set G: { 33 }

Simple so far? it gets easier..

Edit cccamd.list and paste in a C-line as normal e.g.

C: myfriend.dyndns.com 12000 myname mypass

close and save.

Edit newcamd.list

You may see something like:


leave that alone..

If someone gives you an N-line like this

N: myfriend.dyndns.com 15000 myname mypass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

add it to the end of the newcamd.list like this:

CWS = myfriend.dyndns.com 15000 myname mypass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 server1

Close and save

Restart mgcamd.

for enigma1, or /usr/keys  directory for enigma2
Wildcard SSL Certificate

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