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A comparison: MGCamd vs CCCam; why do we prefer MGCamd?

First of all, let us start with a general reminder that camd server meands the direct sharing of cards. Yet, as you may know, it is tough to collect 10s of cards together. To  manage the Card updating through a central system is dificult. Never the less, the technology improved in the last 2 years in particular, rendered the cards to be added to the system remotely. To prevent a possible misunderstanding, I would like to emphasise that the scenario described above meaning the cards being added remotely is valid for the real/physical cards.

When we compare mgcamd and cccam, while MGCamd  allows the user and the card added with no reboot/restart/interruption, with CCcam, after each adding, this could be either a user or a card, the system should be restarted, and this means the loss of 15 to 20 seconds, whenever the mentioned execution is repeated.

Some CCcam server owners themselves build or exchange with extra servers and give extra lines to prevent this loss of time, yet this is in my opinion, completely needless for a small procedure/operation. Besides, the card Exchange causes nothing but a heavy load and traffic upon cards resulting in frequent glitches/freezes by which the viewing plesure is significantly worsend.

Contrary to CCcam, MgCamd uses the cache buffer. It means that when a channel is opened, the MGCamd server saves the channel key and when another user or users open the same channel/channels, MGCamd receives and uses that key data from buffer. This makes the server much faster because of the fact that it does not have to check the card twice for the key data again, so it allows a faster channel zapping and a much better tv experience.

Mgcamd server does not stop without the human intrusion, meaning the interfearance of the server admin. Where as, the biggest problem of the CCCam server is the great  likelyhood to stop randomly at any unpredictable time due to the massive amount of requests from the cards. Even commands scripted for the automatic reset in case the server stops, could not prevent the time loss described above.

While any amature server builder can establish a CCCam server, a professional knowledge is required for a MGCamd system to be structured.

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