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(08/11/2016) : Latest updates: CanalSat changes its frequency 

Discover new frequencies Canalsat valid from 08/07/2016

BeIn Sports Max 4 : 11856 MHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2009 

BeIn Sports Max 5 : 11856 MHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 200A

BeIn Sports Max 6 : 11856 MHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 200B

BeIn Sports Max 7 : 11895 MHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2071

BeIn Sports Max 8 : 11895 MHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2072

BeIn Sports Max 9 : 11895 MHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2073

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(12/07/2016) : Latest updates: CanalSat changes its frequency 

Discover new frequencies Canalsat valid from 12/07/2016

6TER : 11817 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 1F4B

MCM TOP : 11895 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 206E

BOING : 11934 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 22CF

BOOMERANG : 11934 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 22CC

MOTORS TV : 11934 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 22CE

NICKELODEON JR : 11934 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 22D0

TELETOON+ : 12090 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 24C3

TELETOON+1 : 12090 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 24C4

NOLLYWOOD TV : 12402 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2207

FOOT+ 24/24 : 12402 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2208

MELODY : 12402 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2206

INFOSPORT+ : 12207 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2332

PLANETE+ A&E : 12207 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 2333

EQUIDIA LIVE : 12246 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 19D4

EQUIDIA LIFE : 12246 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 19D3

NICKELODEON 4TEEN : 12441 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 -FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 1970

CANAL J : 12441 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 196F

the New channels added:

MOSAIQUE BEIN SPORTS : 12324 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 21AF

CLIQUE.TV : 12324 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 - FEC 3/4 QPSK SID 21B0

MULTISPORTS : 12129 GHz -Pol: vertical - SR: 29700 - FEC 5/6 QPSK SID 26B7

(25/02/2016) : Virgin Cable UK Now available 

The provider Virgin Cable UK , the digital cable television service from Virgin Media​ was added recently on our servers CCcam and MgCamd as well as line reshare for the owners Cardsharing business​​. With up to 260+ channels and 66 available in HD, there's something for everyone. Enjoy all BT Sport channels in HD, Cartoon Network, Discovery, MTV, 12 Sky channels including Sky 1 and Sky Sports News HQ

Please Note : This package is only available for customers in UK with cable Receivers



(28/01/2016) : BeIN Sport Spain 19E has been added  

Bein Sport Spain started today in Astra 19.2E in the package Movistar+ formerly named Digital+Spain . there are two channels SD and HD (BEINSPORTSHD - BEIN SPORT) Both channels will broadcast all Champions League and Ligue Europa matches and other matches from different European Leagues.

The other channels (BEIN SPORT MAX) will be added before the resumption of matches Champions League and the surprise they are working with two languages (Spanish and English).

as usual we are always the first to inform our clients with the latest update on our servers, You can add these channels just do a search for the following two frequencies

BEINSPORTSHD 11259 MHz V 2/3 22000

BEIN SPORTS 11097 MHz V 2/3 22000




(08/01/2016) : BeIN Sport Hotbird 13E available on our servers 

Orange TV France has been added again to our servers, Now all BeIN Sport Hotbird 13°E (BeIN Sport 1 HD - BeIN Sport 2 HD - BeIN Sport 3 - BeIN Sport MAX 4 - BeIN Sport MAX 5 - BeIN Sport MAX 6 - BeIN Sport MAX 7) working on our servers.

The channels was tested on All Vu+ Model and Dreambox with CCcam emulator and working very good, Our team is begin to test some other receivers brand for check their compatibility with the new ECM Orange France.

more channels for Orange TV France on Hotbird will be added in the next few days. list of channels added will be published in our website



(22/12/2015) : Sky Italia quality issues: Cards Under Attack By Sky 

Earlier today approx at 10:30 GMT Sky has started huge load of attacks on 09CD skyit cards. 

We think thah this new ecmhead has been changed by sky ecmheaderwhitelist = 8070B400B001,8170B400B001 we hope that oscam team will be fix soon.

At the moment we are monitoring the situation and doing everything we can to make this problem go away. 

Updates will be announced accordingly. 


(03/06/2015) : Most awaited Official IPTV BiloSatCCam Finally launched ! 

We are very happy to inform you that after long wait, we are now launching the IPTV Service, Available on Enigma2 (STBs), Android devices, Mag250 and ALL XBMC compatible devices such as computers, tablets, smart phones

All you need is internet speed of MIN 2mb for SD and 5MB for HD anywhere in the world!

Easy to set up with the best quality, take your favorite channels with you wherever you go home or away and always on the go.

More than 500 channels available plus unlimited HD movies and Tv series on demand. you can check all channel list available . More than 50 HD channels from sky will be added next few months as a measure of the request and at no additional cost to subscribers.

Channel List
Enigma2 Tutorial
Android Tutorial
XBMC Tutorial
 XBMC Apple TV Tutorial
Mag250 Tutorial


(12/03/2015) : Orange Tv France available on server BiloSatCCam !

Orange TV France has been added to our servers, here the list of channels available


 6ter HD
A la Une HD
AB Moteurs
 AB 1  Arte HD  beIN Sport 1
 beIN Sport 1 HD beIN Sport 2
beIN Sport 2 HD
beIN Sport 3 HD
beIN Sport MAX 4
beIN Sport MAX 5
 beIN Sport MAX 6
beIN Sport MAX 7
beIN Sport MAX 8
beIN Sport MAX 9
beIN Sport MAX 10
Cherie 25
Cine+ Classic Cine+ Emotion Ciné+ Emotion HD Ciné+ Frisson Cine+ Frisson HD Cine+ Premier
 Cine+ Premier HD
Cine+ Club
Cine+ Famiz
Dorcel TV
Extreme Sports
Foot+ France 2 France 2 HD France 3 France 4 France 5
Game One
 Libido TV M6
 Girondins TV Mangas
Mezzo Live HD Nickelodeon France TCM France NRJ 12 NT1 NUMERO 23
OCS Choc HD OCS City HD OCS Max HD Pink X RMC Découverte RTL 9
Sport + XXL W9 W9 HD Penthouse HD HD1
Brava HDTV Paris Première Paris Première HD Disney Junior HD Golf+ France Télétoon+
Jimmy Cinecinema Club MCM Virgin 17 OMTV OLTV

Last update: 21/03/2015


(25/11/2014) : PPV Primafila available on server BiloSatCCam !

We are pleased to announce the return of the channels Primafila package sky italy. currently available channels (Primafila 1 up to 9) well on SD channels. the remaining channels and Hotclub not yet available


(15/10/2014) : SD channels Sky Italy are back to server !

The famous package Sky Italy now are back to cardsharing with old cards caid 093B and 0919, BiloSatCCam happy to inform all our customers that we have these cards local in our server and we confirm all SD channels Sky Italy available without freeze guaranteed except the PPV Prima Channels still no available.

Enjoy the football league champions with BiloSatCCam


(13/06/2014) : DSTV Africa in Eutelsat 36°E was stopped !

The company DSTV was sent new security update which cause all cards off now, This is general problem our engineers are working to restore DSTV in our server Africa

We will keep you updated with our findings. In the meantime, keep eyes from time to time for our latest news it will be updated once the server restored


(27/05/2014) : For only 96h get 6 cline on each new subscription!

Now and exclusively on BiloSatCCam get 6 Cline instead 4 on each Yearly or Lifetime subscirption !

Don't miss this opportunity and be fast to benefit, it will be only available for 96h, after this time you only will get 4 cline !

Subscribe Now !


(21/05/2014) : Skyit Primafila Quality Issue !

Since last week when SkyIT started working on Primafila channels, some weird freezing started on the other channels of this package like Cinema, Calcio and ... . This freezing issue is general and all SkyIT users are facing it. At the moment we beleive that the reason is SKYIT company kill all cards used in cardsharing because we have been affected by this attack and some of our cards has been frozen but we are working on it. We will keep you updated regarding any new changes.


(24/04/2014) : SkyUK HD Channels Issue !

Since yesterday we have received confirmation of a few SkyUK HD channels not clearing. It seems that SkyUK is trying to do the same thing as SkyIT did last year pairing HD channels so that no one can access HD channels on Cardsharing. For the moment, a few HD channels are down and as we have been informed, more to go. It is very very unlikely that SD channels go down too. SkyUK is pairing all HD channels. At the moment there is no way around it. All SD channels are working fine and stable.


(22/04/2014) : LifeTime Subscription CCcam Server!

Did you heard about our LifeTime Subscription?

LifeTime Subscription is a new and exclusive offer allowing you to pay only one time to enjoy your TV for UNLIMITED MONTHS and YEARS, there is no MONTHLY FEES no YEARLY COST or anything else.

We are doing now 50% discount for limited offer, so claim your subscription Now !

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(20/04/2014) : Now onwards, We're online for Support 18 hours a Day!

We have expanded our operations just to make sure you get the right information at the right time. We have increased number of people in our team and we have developed systems so that you get right information at right time which can make cardsharing process smooth.

 To Start with, we remain online 18 hours a day now onwards. To give you support about your orders or issues relating to cardsharing and we're just a call or chat away.

Working Hours: 10 AM GMT to 4 PM GMT from Monday To Saturday

Chat with Us from our Web Support or Skype Us: live:support_950

Email us 24/7 your queries at support@bilosatccam.com to get them solved within maximum 1-12 Hours

With our full fledged Support Army, your queries turn into solutions and we make sure our prime motto remains fulfilled that you are well-informed!

(18/04/2014) : Scheduled Maintenance :: Very Important Update

We will be updating some resources and added other cards on the servers list below. This maintenance will occur on April 18th until April 20th afternoon.

the update will be done from time to time, if your line is located in these server so maybe you will see the line off some hours during day. We expect no more than very brief service interruption as maintenance updates cause services to be restarted

List Servers affected by this maintenance :



Please contact our support staff if you have any issues.

Thank you for everyone's patience!

Best Regards


(13/04/2014) : MAX TV CRACKED and was added to our servers

The famous croatia packages MAX TV on Eutelsat 16E has been CRACKED and added to our server CCcam EUROPE as gift for all our customers

The package still ON BETA, 50% channels available and we will add the rest of channels as soon as possible.



(01/03/2014) : DSTV 36°E & TVSAT 16°E was added

The famous African packages DSTV on Eutelsat 36E and TVSAT on Eutelsat 16E has been added as full to our PACKAGE CCcam Africa EXCLUSİVELY IN BILOSATCCAM AND NOWHERE.

ORDER NOW AND ENJOY DISCOUNT 50% off for Subscription 12 Months CCcam Africa.


(20/12/2013) : New Servers "MGCamd" Added !

Looking for more channels to watch? much, much more? Looking for a server "stable" sharing? "Stable" very? You want to look calmly and easily your TV Transmitter without freezes or cuts or stress? You doubt that there is a sharing service as reliable as original card? You do not think there can be as many channels with a single subscription?

Free TEST MGCamd for Limited Period, visit link and place your order to test out the quality service http://bilosatccam.com/index.php/mgcamd-server/pack-prices.html


(08/12/2013) : Pink TV & Polaris And AustriaSat added

The famous Serbia packages Pink TV on Eutelsat 16E and Polaris on Hellas Sat 39E has been added as full , as well as the Austria package AustriaSat on 19E to our PACKAGE CCcam & MGCamd EXCLUSİVELY.



(11/11/2013) : New Technology from Sky Italia, channels HD could not be watched

For several days, the most channels HD Sky Italy like the National Geographic Channel HD and now Fox Crime HD, Cinema 1 HD, Sky Sport 1 HD......  seems to be transmitted with a new MPEG4 encoding

Japan's NTT Data developed for Sky Italy the new "NRT encoding" that allows an optimization of the encoding in Mpeg 4, with savings of up to 40% in terms of bit-rate, with the same ease of viewing. All this translates into more bandwidth and more HD channels without having to change decoder. Sky Italy has applied for a patent
The result is that these channels on the decoder does not sky not visible.

NTT DATA announced that it has developed a solution for Sky nominated NRT Encoding that by applying innovative processes on the compression of linear channels broadcast via satellite, it can reduce up to 40% bandwidth consumption necessary, for the same quality. The debut of NRT Encoding - with the first channel on the Sky platform transmitted thanks to new technology - is expected by June and by December 2013, the solution will be extended to other channels.

"We are satisfied with the solution that we have developed in collaboration with NTT DATA as potential applications are numerous and provide us with a significant competitive advantage over other operators," said Massimo Bertolotti, Head of Innovation and Engineering, Sky Italy. "NRT Encoding is a project that has a significant value for Sky Italy has always been attentive to invest in technology, and for its innovative features, we have initiated the process to obtain the patent. "

"We are partners of Sky Italy for several years and, just based on the experience made in the development dell'encoding VOD, used to offer Sky On Demand on all screens (PCs, smartphones, tablets and TV), was born l idea of ​exploiting the techniques of encoding offline for a linear signal processing, "said Riccardo Ferrari, Senior Manager, NTT DATA in Italy. "Based on our research and to our knowledge, there are no similar solutions on the market today."

A technology that optimizes then the compression phase in Mpeg 4 (H.264), obtaining encodings up to 40% more "read" with the same quality, without requiring the adoption of a new codec (see H.265) and that will enable Sky to further increase the range of channels in HD, with the same bandwidth and without having to change the entire park a Sky of its subscribers (Sky has already confirmed the compatibility of the current HD settop box, they will get a firmware update " on-air "). Some have hypothesized that NRT Encoder could be adopted by Sky to broadcast content in Ultra HD resolution, adding that even in this case the current HD decoder would be compatible: Ok the possibility of using the improved encoding, but do not see how the current decoder can convey signals Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 dots) at 50 Hz, for both computational limits of the current decoder chip integrated, and because the built-in HDMI would not be compatible. Not to mention that the Ultra HD broadcasting could see the adoption of 10-bit color space REC.2020


(25/07/2013) : Aljazeera Sport New channels & Premier League

On August 1st 2013, Al-Jazeera Sport will launch new channels, and start selling new packages. We will also be showing Barclays Premier League (BPL) football for the first time, from 17th August when the new BPL season starts.

From August 1st 2013, We will add new packages to all our servers, and an advertising campaign (newsletter) will be launched in August to inform all our customers.
This is expected to lead to many questions from both existing customers and non-customers.


(23/07/2013) : All old cards Nova Will be stopped !

It was brought to our attention that Nova company close all old card that work in sharing and replace with new ones paired with boxes and this change will not close all old cards at 1 time will be step by step !! due this new security change one of our card has been stopped and still another one card work until now.

surely you will found some servers with Nova ( some channels ) still working ! in our servers some channels still working stable (Alpha - ANT - NAT GEO WILD - Nova cinema 1 - Nova cinema 2 - Nova Sport1 - Nova sport2).
but it's just question of time , a few days all old cards will be stopped , and will be available only new paired ones, till now, no solution for new cards but will do our best to make back your favorite package in our servers.


(25/03/2013) : PPV (Pay Per View) Channels Available !

The PPV (Pay Per View) channels available currently in our Servers

Note : Along with our service, PPV is granted to our customers as gift and is not guaranteed

Satellite Card Sharing, Card Sharing Networks, Cc Cam, sky select cccam cardsharing, ppv server hd Sky Select every Weekends (Some Channels)

Satellite Card Sharing, Card Sharing Networks, Cc Cam, sky calcio Satellite Card Sharing, Card Sharing Networks, Cc Cam, slide Sky Calcio 14

Satellite Card Sharing, Card Sharing Networks, sky primafila, primafila Satellite Card Sharing, Card Sharing, Cc Cam Sky Primafila + Hotclub 1~28 (HD Dead)

digigold, digitalalb Satellite Card Sharing Digi Gold – Back to server

Cc Cam Movie On Demand

Cc Cam, VOD, cyfra VOD 57~65

Card Sharing Networks, salon tv, digiturk Salon tv 1,2,3 - Dead :(

osn network, showtime, osn, osn box OSN Box Office - Dead :(

taquilla spain, digital plus, taquilla xxx Taquilla 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,HD,HD2  every Weekends (Some Channels)

sky uk, box office, skyboxoffice PPV Sky Box Office every Weekends (Some Channels)

Last PPVs update: 13/06/2014


(16/02/2013) : Shopping with us is 100% safe!

Welcome to our website. All purchases you make via our website are protected by 128-bit SSL Certificate. Your information is strictly 3 parties are not transmitted. Where you purchased the product, and your data is transmitted at the latest within 24 hours. All matters 7/24 technical support are available. If you do not like our products you are entitled to 7 days return without question. Our site is all about considering our valuable customers. Good shop

(14/02/2013) : Website Launch – 20% Off!

We are excited to announce the official launch of our new website during nine years of existence in CardSharing Service! We’ve been hard at work in redevelopment, simplifying the user experience and making our products more accessible. To celebrate, we are offering 20% off on our website for any subscription to 3 Months or more (Except for Package Africa & N-line Re-Share, C-line Re-Share and Test Account) to anyone who likes our new website page – feel free to share with your friends! or We hope you like what we’ve done and welcome any feedback!

(01/12/2013) : Pay 12 Months get subscription 13 Months !

We are launching a subscription promotion for contract 12 months!
When you subscribe and pay for 12 Months service, we give you a 1 Month subscription free i.e. use for 13 months, offers apply to old and new customers. Sign up now to grab this sales promotion.

Neither offer may be combined with any other offer and valid only for new subscription 12 Months CCcam (renewal Subscription is not concerned by this offer.

(20/11/2012) : 0 Tolerence To Reshare or Double Login

Dear existing and future subscribers, upon the increase of the resharing attempts nowadays and double login account in two receiver, we would like to notify you clearly that we constantly monitor the user activities and measuring process and methods to detect the double login and are not going to tolerate any kind of reshare or any suspected activity. Such abusers will be permanently removed and banned from the system with no prior warning and with no refund eligible.

(05/04/2012) : Impoartant requests

Dear current and the potential future customers,
You will read this crucial points at which we would like to draw your attentions:
Please, do not place any note in relation to your server membership on the payment of the service you use as the payment method to pay. If you would like to send a notification e-mail, do it by delivering a separate e-mail.

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